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  • The positions available with The Hoosier Mushroom Society can be found below. Look over these positions and see if there are any that you may be interested in. If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact steve@hoosiermushrooms.org.

    President - Stephen Russell: The president leads officer and club meetings, coordinates all other club officers, serves as lead contact for outside organizations, sends all meeting email reminders, and organizes speakers, refreshments, and location booking for meetings, forays, and other events.

    Vice-President - Ron Kerner: The vice-president handles all of president's duties when president is absent.  The vice-president is also the club librarian.

    Treasurer - Open: Collect, record and deposit dues, fees, and donations. Pay bills presented to the club.  Maintain club financial records and report regularly.

    Secretary - Maggie Russell: Take notes at the meetings and keep the records.  This person also serves as the Newsletter Editor.

    Webmaster - Open: Design, develop, and maintain the club website. Lead on new technology, features, and usability to improve outreach, education, and support. Work with other officers to gather and post materials to the website.

    Videographer - Open: Videotapes presentations, combine PowerPoint slides with audio track, posts presentations to YouTube for adding to club website, and creates video presentations and commercials for special events. 2-4 hours per month.

    Newsletter Editor - Open: Prepare and send out the monthly newsletter, which consists of meeting minutes and current event information in order to keep members informed of meetings and mushrooms in general.  These duties are performed by the club secretary.

    Librarian - Open: Maintain club library of books, vidios,  and  other educational material and make available at club meetings.  These duties are performed by the club vice-president.

    Foray Chair - Open: Plan and lead foray's as the seasons allow.

About Us

The mission of the Hoosier Mushroom Society is to promote the science of mycology and the study of fungi.