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Anyone Grow Indoors?

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Newbie thinkn bout starting a small indoor tent setup for growing mushrooms to sell at local farmers market...anyone else growing mushrooms indoors?? Tips and pics will be greatly appreciated!

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A few tips and pics is unlikely to get the job done. To do this right, you need a good book, like "The Mushroom Cultivator" by Paul Stamets. Mushroom propagation is not like growing plants...trying to do it based on YouTube videos is a path to failure.

I do suggest that you start with oyster mushrooms. They tend to be very hardy and if you can't grow those, you can't grow anything!

Good luck,

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Hi!  I'm new to the forum and planning some indoor and outdoor cultivation in N.Indiana.  I'm hoping to make prototype grow    Rooms before long from refer trailer and school bus.  I'm working on a military trailer and dump truck for hauling my sawmill materials and have some peat moss to be harvested on site.  

If there is a stand alone programmable controller, pc based, that can be used to network multiple grow rooms, please post your recommendations.  I have some experience with Siemens S-7. 

Ill be doing an outside grow of maitake and shiitake first.  Morels will be a main focus however on the majority of the farm..   

Best regards,  TobyS


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