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We have several different types of mushrooms that are growing in our yard at work. I wanted to know 100% if this mushroom is edible. I think it is a parasol mushroom, I did a spore check and it didn't show up green. However, I'm still leary of it being edible. Thank you for any help you might provide. Thanks!



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Boy, that sure looks like a green-spored lepiota to me. If the spore print was not green, what color was it?

Parasols are not common in Indiana. They also are difficult to identify for certain, and are not an entry-level mushroom. I doubt that this one is a true parasol, as it lacks the variegated stem. But it could be.

Get some reference books, and work from there. I highly recommend this one for starters. You should start with oysters and chanterelles and chicken-of-the-woods and stuff like that. Counting on others to identify mushrooms for you is risky. If YOU are not sure, don't eat it.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you for your reply. I am not from Indiana, I live in Kentucky. I tried to find my local Mycological Association or similar and couldn't find any, figured Indiana was my best bet. 

At any rate, I attached a pic with the spore print. I'm not sure I did it right (first time). I put 2 pieces on white paper it's been sitting since 10;46am yesterday 7/29, as you can see the color of the "print" is like a tan-ish color. The sun isn't up fully yet so I can't see it in sunlight. 

I have little to no knowledge of mushrooms.


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What Bruce said.  Early in my mushroom identifying days, I falsely Identified a Green Spore Lepiota as a Parasol. I was sick for 2 days and wished it was a lethal one that would just get it over with because it was so extremely painful. 


It's also called "The Vomiter" 🤷‍♂


If you don't have a glass slide for the spores to drop on, a spore print is good to take on a split surface,  like half black paper,  half white paper to see the color. 

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