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I am unsure of this one. To me it kinda resembles an oyster. But the backs and the brown spot are throwing me off. Can anyone help me ID these? This is less than half of the ones I found. All together on the same dead tree. 





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Definitely not an oyster. Some kind of polypore; cannot ID it off the top of my head. I recommend that you do not eat anything unless YOU know what it is.

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>>Definitely not eating unless I’m absolutely sure. Any advice on where to look to find out? 

I think your best resources for mushroom ID will be in books. I've seen way too much misinformation online, although Kuo's site at https://mushroomexpert.com/about.html is fairly good, and this site also has some info at http://hoosiermushrooms.org/index.php?/mushroom-hunting/indiana-mushroom-species/.

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