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Examination under microscope

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I recently got a microscope and am in the process of learning how to use it.  I ended up with OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Microscope from Amazon.  I hoping it will work well enough for me to learn on  To give you my background the last time I used a microscope was in High School biology class 1987. I believe I have the basics figured out   I have bought an eyepiece with reticle and calibrated it using a stage micrometer.  I’m still fuzzy on best use of light intensity, condenser location and diaphragm opening   For now I’m just playing with all 3 till I get what I think is the best image  So, with all that said I have a few questions.  

1.  For staining do I just need phloxine?   I’ve also read that Lactophenol Cotton Blue and Safranin are useful.  I was just curious what others use.  

2.  For mounting I guess I’ll be using distilled water or KOH.  Do I need anything else for mounting?

3.  For testing chemical reactions I have Amonia, KOH (on order), and FeSO4.

4. Is there any way to check for Amyloid, dextnroid or inamloid without melters reagent?

I have more I’m trying to figure out, but these are my main concern right now.  I appreciate any advice that anyone is willing to offer.   I’ve attached a pic of some spores taken using my phone 




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1. For staining, the most common ones I use are Lactophenol Cotton Blue, Meltzer's Reagent, KOH, Water, and Congo Red. 

2. Soak the tissue in H20 first to rehydrate, and then move to your stain.

3. Those are the most common ones.

4. Not reliably.

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