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Mick Mushroom

Are these laetiporius? ChickenOfTheWoods

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It sure looks like young laetiporius Sulpherus. Keep an eye on it and see if it grows shelves and becomes orangish, reddish or pinkish. 


You really want to harvest those as young as possible for the best texture and flavors.  

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Yes I plan to thanks!

Here's another one... I wonder if it's really young lions mane.  I'm not sure how it is supposed to attach to the tree, do they attach by a stalk?

I sure appreciate your help


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In my opinion, neither of these mushrooms look like what you suggest they might be.

My advice is to never eat anything unless YOU know what it is.


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They are definitely too young to positively ID the yellow ones, which is why I recommend waiting until the shelves appear (if they are). Here's some pics of young laetiporius Cincinnatus and L. Sulpherus from last year.  I knew what they were,  because I harvested the prior year. 


Those white ones don't look anything like immature Laetiporius.  


The yellows are iffy. 







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