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This is what started my interest in mushrooms

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About 15 years ago,   I moved into a wooded lot out in the country. Mushrooms that I had never seen before, began growing all over my lawn.  This one in particular was enticing,  because it looks so wholesome and good and has a sweet,  delicious aroma. I love eating mushrooms so I was really wanting to try some of these fungal delights,  but I knew that there were poisonous mushrooms in the wild, so I set out to learn how to identify them.  

I'm glad that I did,  because what looked and smelled like a very delicious mushroom is actually one of the most deadly mushrooms in North America Amanita bisporigera aka "Destroying Angel"

Always check for look alike mushrooms when contemplating consuming a newly discovered treat. 



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Definitely a sobering story for any novice mushroom hunter. Amatoxins are deadly, and I never eat anything unless *I* know what it is.


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