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Can u help me identify this species

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Its definitely  a coral mushroom, but im not gonna sample it. I will stick to hens, chickens , n chanterelles if i can find all 3 this year

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It's always best to be safe.  "When in doubt throw it out" after taking notes,  if course...lol.

Some things to note

Gills color,  size,  style

Pores, shape,  density, color

Bruising coloration of the cap, stalk,  gills,  flesh...

Cap, shape, color,  texture,  various other, characteristics 

Spore print



Habitat,  trees,  plants,  soil,  topography,  etc.

Once you've certainly and positively IDed some choice edibles,  you open up a whole new level of culinary possibilities.  


Just a personal lesson : If there's a poisonous look alike that has to be differentiated by looking at the spores under a microscope to determine their shape, size and count,  it's not worth the risk of being ill.   


Thankfully,  most choice edibles can be positively IDed with the naked eye.  

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Im new, morel hunter only, can someone tell me what kind of what kind this is? I’ve looked in all of my books but still unsure




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An old one 😄😄😄

It really is more difficult to identify some gilled mushrooms as they age, the color changes and a mushroom that would usually have a smooth,  slimy cap when fresh, could become dry and wrinkled 


A spore print is helpful, but it's easier to identify them when they're fresh.  



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