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Brand new hobby - and having a blast!

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Hey everybody!

I’ve been reading up about mushrooms and fungi for about a week or so now and have become completely captivated by them. They are soooo cool (I assume I’m preaching to the choir here). 

Anyway, my wife is only mildly amused by my new hobby so I guess I’ll have to share my experiences here. Although I will say that my 5 year old has started going on mushroom walks with me. 

Also, just trying to introduce myself to the group here. So - hi!













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Hi Ben.  Welcome to the forum! Education is a lifestyle and when it comes to fungus,  it's not easy to find very many ppl with the same passions as we have.  There are some very knowledgeable and well seasoned micologosts here that are so helpful.  Yes,  the mushroom kingdom is extraordinarily vast and (to me) one of the most interesting fields of study.  👍🏻🍄🍄🍄

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Hi and welcome. Take pride in knowing there are other fungus nuts out there. As hossierfunguy has said they are some very knowlegeable people on here. 

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That’s actually what I was telling my sons they looked like! Ha!

Here’s what I have so far, from top to bottom. 

1) not really sure. I found them growing in the soil below a hardwood. When it comes to tree identification, I’m only confident with ash trees - and that has more to do with signs of the emerald ash borer. 

2) turkey tail! These were thin and flexible. Growing on a fallen tree. I was a little confused by this at first because the pictures I would see showed more brown tones.  The versicolor should have been a clue. Ha!

3/4) same as 1&2

5) growing on the same tree as the turkey tail. I’m thinking maybe fuligo septica, but when I was looking I didn’t really see pictures of this growing on trees. Mostly the ground. 

6/7) ganoderma sessile. This has a strong scent - I don’t know the vocabulary to describe it though. I liked how the grass grew through the mushroom 

8/9) while I would joking call them “dog poop mushrooms” for my 5 year old, I do believe these are dead mans fingers. 

10/11) I don’t know. Some traits I noticed: the cap was very thin and opaque when held up to the light. Had a slight fishy smell to it?


That’s what I’ve got so far. We’ll see what today brings! One of the great things about being brand new at this is that everything excites me. 



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