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Are these edible?

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That looks like a Meadow Mushroom....

I've been finding these myself lately. Note the partial ring remnant around the stem and the detached, pink gills which *should* soon turn a dark, chocolate brown when it starts releasing spores. The stem should NOT bruise yellow, nor should the mushroom  have a disagreeable (creosote-like) odor. They typically grow in arcs or "fairy rings" in grass, NOT in the woods or at the base of trees.

If I've identified this correctly, they are closely related to the button mushrooms found in grocery stores and are themselves quite tasty, although a little stronger in flavor.

Fall is also a good time to start looking for puffballs of all kinds. Finally, if you spray your lawn with herbicides, fertilizers or other chemicals you need to be finding someplace else to harvest mushrooms for consumption.

Be careful out there!


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