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  3. hoosiermushrooms

    IAS 2018 Bioblitz

    Help out team FUNGI in 2018! The Indiana Academy of Science Bioblitz for 2018 will be held at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, IN. We will be meeting June 2nd at 9:00 am at the Earth Discovery Center. Gate admission is free for participants (I suppose just tell them at the gate. I have no special forms or anything). We will go out in the morning from 9am to 11 am for sure. Stephen will have the baby, so the afternoon outing will be dependent on how well she is going along. You are welcome to stay all day if you so desire. Information from the organizers: Schedule: We will kick-off the Bioblitz at 9:00 am on Saturday, June 2, at the Earth Discovery Center (AKA Bioblitz Headquarters). At check-in, you will receive a packet of park maps (topographic & habitat type), data collection sheets, lodging info, and a schedule for Saturday and Sunday. Gate admission is free for Bioblitz researchers. Breakfast- we will have coffee, water, fruit, and snacks at check-in Lunch- grab your bag lunch at check-in, or stop in to cool off and eat (we have a library reserved for participants/with wireless!) Dinner- We are having a Bioblitz Banquet at Eagle’s Crest at 6:00pm, dinner will be catered by Qdoba (beer has been donated by Metazoa)
  4. Ajustice16

    Id help

    These mushrooms were found on a pine stump and have no smell that I can identify the gills are white with small amounts of yellow found in southern indiana the dark spots on the cap are more like roof shingles than bumps if that helps just having a tough time with the id im going to take a spore print later
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  6. Max502

    Southern Indiana Hunting.

    Floyd, Clark, and Harrison county hunting.
  7. These morels were formerly classified as Morchella Semilibera. This is the beginning of the peak season for these Morchellas. It takes a lot to make a pound, but they're fun and easy to find under hickory. They lost that beautiful orange hue within minutes of picking them. This is the first time I've ever found this species. Today in Lake County, IN. I'm planning to eat them tomorrow.
  8. hoosiermushrooms

    Wild Mushroom Course

    Date: Saturday, 6/23/18 Location: Indianapolis, IN More Information: http://hoosiermushrooms.org/index.php?/wild-mushrooms-2018/
  9. Hoosierfunguy

    Devil's Urn (Urnula Craterium)

    Hi Bruce🤠👍 Yes, that was a morel. It certainly had me scratching my head a little, because it was flat to the ground, but when i pinched it off the stem and fruiting body was hollow.
  10. Bruce

    Devil's Urn (Urnula Craterium)

    Welcome back! I need to get out hunting. Pheasantbacks should be available soon, too. Is that really a morel in the third picture? If it wasn't so early in the season I'd think it was a lobster mushroom. Bruce
  11. hoosiermushrooms

    Mounds SP Walk

    Meet at the parking lot across from Circle Mound. 1pm to 3 pm. Mounds SP Map: https://www.in.gov/dnr/parklake/files/mounds_trail.pdf Online Foray Day Project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/5-19-18-foray-day Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/793411894180922/ About mushroom forays: http://hoosiermushrooms.org/index.php?/mushroom-hunting/about-mushroom-forays/
  12. Hoosierfunguy

    Devil's Urn (Urnula Craterium)

    After I posted this, I went to the main page and saw the Urnula... Just an fyi the two morels I found were in Stony Run County park in Lake County, Indiana. They were in a stand of shag bark hickory. Who woulda thunk?
  13. As near as I can tell, here in northern Newton county, the morel season is just starting, but there are many other fungi that spring up. Among them are these really neat looking urnulas. I only found two immature morels, but the forest floor is laden with these black, saprophytic goblets. These can also be parasitic on oak. And the first morel of the season 🤠 (For me)
  14. hoosiermushrooms

    Mushroom Walk

    Date: Saturday, 5/5/18 - 1pm to 3 pm Location: Brown County State Park - and across the state of Indiana (iNaturalist) EDIT: There are two morel events going on in Brown County this weekend. We have decided to head that way, but will still hold the walk from 1pm to 3pm at Brown County State Park. With how the year is going so far, I am unsure as to whether we will be finding many morels. It is still too early. Hopefully it will be on next weekend (5-5-18). We are not scouting the area before, just giving it a shot at foray time. If you would like to attend, register for this event here or on Facebook. Even if you cannot make it to the event, you can still contribute to our project from your own location by posting your finds here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/hms-5-5-18-foray-day. We are still looking for dried specimens from around the state, so we appreciate your help in making collections. Please take time to read more about our online forays, how to make collections, and the FAQ here: http://hoosiermushrooms.org/index.php?/activities/hms-online-forays-2018/
  15. Hoosierfunguy

    Morel Progression Map 2018

    A week ago the map had hundreds of pins. Today not one pin is showing up. Is there something wrong with the map, or is it a smart phone/ internet issue? Anyone else having this issue?
  16. its if nothing else a great reason to get outdoors and enjoy mother nature as my younger brother will tell me it doesnt bother him that he has the worst luck spotting morels atleast hes out of the house and he gives me and the daughter someone to carry the load while chanting i know rick yes you are the mushroom king 





  17. 30415638_2057233217640087_1648976900011327488_n.jpg.d127df9ec678b00182d9a252218ea7d3.jpg30412098_2057233117640097_4341393981209313280_n.jpg.a7c2cac2b9aacee51f1b3d882b4d9fd7.jpg30572250_2057234257639983_3163878695001653248_n.thumb.jpg.c50a759b885d646bed27b8e930625e6a.jpg30443489_2057181704311905_1032402591977308160_n.thumb.jpg.969844b8e855bdccaeb559a73f77f168.jpg30516056_2057142940982448_8139496185980256256_n.jpg.7c928377f83b563450d58c0b748ca992.jpg30415358_2057233070973435_2168041143890083840_n.jpg.2edda85326fa0ae1e23f0f39bd2b9f46.jpg5acadd5ee3b51_(1)RichardWilhite - Copy.html30572250_2057234257639983_3163878695001653248_n.thumb.jpg.a693d4007eb39e3be137049cbe77cf65.jpg30441301_2057233167640092_2703312446860296192_n.jpg.cd3b1a69be3e1fba74c3018dd98682ed.jpg30441635_2057145624315513_2496398652164014080_n.jpg.d5a17a53261c044e1068a78c68d24ac2.jpg30443489_2057181704311905_1032402591977308160_n.thumb.jpg.79f343d12535038c0484e528191a6587.jpg30516056_2057142940982448_8139496185980256256_n.jpg.151a0d5630b7160a2a41c83d3528530f.jpg30516137_2057181270978615_2554352239321808896_n.thumb.jpg.a4399e7917110efe50b390d4a3820c5a.jpg(1) Richard Wilhite.html the first for 2018 apr 8th here in pike county we,ve got the moisture now we need those warming days to get them popin

  18. hoosiermushrooms

    Morel Progression Map 2018

    Be sure to check out the new progression map. Morels are already being found in Indiana. http://hoosiermushrooms.org/index.php?/morel-progression-map-2018/
  19. These data slips are for use during our Summer and Fall Online Forays. These slips are free to all participants. Each order is for a pad that contains 50 slips. You may order as many slips as you are able to collect specimens for. 



  20. hoosiermushrooms

    2017 Schedule of Events

    Hoosier Mushroom Society Globifomes graveolens - Sweet Knot - New Harmonie State Park - Uncommon to find it this fresh with red colorations As per the norm, most scheduled dates should still be considered "soft" and subject to change. It is very tough to schedule mushroom events far in advance. We always have a broad array of events and locations across the state every year, throughout the year. If you would like us to have an event near your town, let us know, and we may be able to schedule one in. The only way we cancel an event is for heavy rain and/or severe weather. Events will continue in light rain. Cancellations will be posted on this page, so please check it the day of the event, to make sure the event is still on. Never been to a foray? Check out our About Mushroom Forays page for what to bring and what to expect. Indiana Events: March 4 - Morel Mushroom Certification Course - Bloomington, IN - More Info - Register March 11 - Morel Mushroom Certification Course - Indianapolis, IN - More Info - Register March 25 - Morel Mushroom Certification Course - South Bend, IN - More Info - Register April 22 - Morel Mushroom Hike - Brown County SP - 10 am and 3 pm - Register 10am - Register 3pm April 29 - 30 - Mansfield Mushroom Festival - Mansfield, IN - More Info May 13 - Salamonie Reservoir - Andrews, IN - 1 pm - SPECIES LIST June 10 - 11 - Indiana Academy of Science Bioblitz - Delaware and Randolph Counties - SPECIES LIST June 17 - Eagle Creek Reservoir - Indianapolis, IN - 2pm - 4pm - SPECIES LIST June 24 - Wild Mushroom Course - Indianapolis, IN - 9am - 5pm - More Info - Register July 22 - Pokagon State Park - Angola, IN - SPECIES LIST August 5 - Brown County State Park - Nashville, IN - 10 am - SPECIES LIST August 5 - Griffy Woods - Bloomington, IN - 3 pm - SPECIES LIST August 5 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN - 6 pm - SPECIES LIST August 12 - DATE CHANGE: Wild Mushroom Course - Bloomington, IN - 9am - 5 pm - More Info - Register August 26 - Summer Mushroom Hunt - Shades State Park - SPECIES LIST August 27 - Summer Mushroom Hunt - Turkey Run State Park - SPECIES LIST POSTPONED - NOW September 23 - Oubache State Park - Bluffton, IN - Register October 14 - Tippecanoe River State Park - Winamac, IN - Register October 16th - Purdue Horticulture Park - 5:15 pm October 18th - Brown County State Park (meet at nature center)- 4 pm October 23rd - Eagle Creek Park (meet at Earth Discovery Center) - Indianapolis, IN - 5 pm October 22 - 28 - Inaugural HMS Online Fall Foray - More Info - Order Voucher Slips - Join the Project Other Events of Interest: July 27 - 30 - NEMF Samuel Ristich Foray - Strattonderry, VT - More Info August 17 - 21 - Telluride Mushroom Festival - Telluride, CO - More Info August XX - XX - NAMA Wildacres Regional Foray - Wildacres Retreat, NC - More Info September 16 - 17th Annual Gary Lincoff Foray - North Park, PA - More Info September XX- XX - COMA Clark Rogerson Foray - Copake, NY - More Info September 7 - 10 - NAMA Annual Foray - Cable, WI - More Info
  21. hoosiermushrooms


    Memberships for 2018 are now active. http://hoosiermushrooms.org/index.php?/store/category/2-society-membership/
  22. Robert Walston


    Still waiting for the membership to be updated so I can join. Also waiting for the the mushroom course to be posted.
  23. hoosiermushrooms

    ISDH Wild Mushroom Course Form

    We are hoping to extend the current registrations for 5 years total, but we are still awaiting a final word.
  24. Timbo

    ISDH Wild Mushroom Course Form

    Any word regarding those who have certifications that will expire soon, i.e., will they have to re-take a class or just pay a fee to be re-certified?
  25. If you took the Wild Mushroom Course in 2017, the new forms are finally publicly available from ISDH. If you were one of the participants, you should have received an email with additional information. Contact us if you have not received it. Also FYI, as we are getting a lot of questions, 2018 course dates have not been announced. We will be announcing them in a few weeks. The morel courses will be in March and wild mushrooms in June. http://www.in.gov/isdh/files/56349-fill-in.pdf
  26. hoosiermushrooms

    Forum Monitored

    We will likely be responding in a faster timeframe as the season picks up. Sorry for the slow responses. Please note that this organization has no paid staff, only volunteers.
  27. hoosiermushrooms


    We will work to get the membership for 2018 updated in the store this week.
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