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  2. Saw this article about Michigan black morel farming. https://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/news/2019/05/20/michigan-researcher-wants-turn-morel-mushrooms-into-cash-crop/1146360001/
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  5. David Dickenson

    ID help...

    Definitely not eating unless I’m absolutely sure. Any advice on where to look to find out?
  6. David Dickenson

    Largest Pheasants Back Ever, for me at least!

    Thanks for the advice! This one seems pretty tender throughout. 🤞
  7. Pheasant's Back can certainly achieve impressive proportions, but beyond a certain point they get too chewy/woody for culinary purposes. Try trimming off the tender outer edges and cook those up.
  8. Bruce

    ID help...

    Definitely not an oyster. Some kind of polypore; cannot ID it off the top of my head. I recommend that you do not eat anything unless YOU know what it is.
  9. David Dickenson

    ID help...

    I am unsure of this one. To me it kinda resembles an oyster. But the backs and the brown spot are throwing me off. Can anyone help me ID these? This is less than half of the ones I found. All together on the same dead tree.
  10. This massive pheasants back was the second I found on our property. The first was only the size of a softball. This one is bigger than my head!
  11. barb365

    Lion’s Mare?

    I generally only fry them lightly, then add to a cream sauce for pasta. They're fabulous that way. Taste lobster-like.
  12. barb365

    Mushroom cultivation

    I grew Pleurotus and Lentinula many years ago when I first became interested in mushroom hunting (and eating)! My spawn came from Fungi Perfecti. Both were successful. Hericium was not. fyi - I read somewhere that you should let green wood rest a few months before innoculation. However, Pleurotus seems to grow on just about everything. Since my original innoculation, I've simply spread oysters around by lying them on downed wood (relatively fresh). They especially like Tulip. I live in Morgan County In the woods, so we have a lot of mushroom-ready material. Shiitake logs grow mushrooms for several years. So you get a good long harvest from them. I've never innoculated Maple, however. Good luck!!
  13. Mushroom totems on the north side of our chicken coop. Made from freshly-cut maple logs and innoculated with dowel spawn. Left to right: Pleurotus (oyster mushrooms), Lentinula (Shiitake), and Hericium (Lion's Mane). Wish us luck, we will probably need it. Not sure why I still cannot upload any new images to this site. No such tool on the toolbar. Here is a link to a photo: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F15CbddG8aOdniD5JcPlmrraqjtsl9UC
  14. Hoshi

    2019 Fungi Photos

    I photograph most of the fungi I run across as I hike, camp and forage across Indiana. This is my photo dump of those.
  15. Hoosierfunguy

    Any morels in southern Indiana yet?

    I can only suggest that you be sure of the tree ID and seek out the older, larger trees. Morel season is nearing its end in southern Indiana. Another strategy I've hear heard repeatedly is to check out areas where there has been a fire within the last few years. I hope you find the motherload! 👍🏼👍🏼
  16. Lotusflower198237

    Any morels in southern Indiana yet?

    Elm, oak, tulip
  17. Dhuntington

    Identification help

    I can see it
  18. hoosiermushrooms

    2018 Schedule of Events

    Indiana Events: March 31 - Morel Mushroom Certification Course - Indianapolis, IN - 1pm - 5pm - More Info - Register April 28 - 29 - Mansfield Mushroom Festival - Mansfield, IN - More Info May 4 - 6 - Red Barn Morel Jamboree - Nashville, IN - More Info May 5 - HMS Morel Mushroom Hike - Brown County State Park - 1pm - Attend in Person - Species List May 5 - Morel Mushroom Festival - Brown County State Park - More Info May 19 - Mounds State Park - Anderson , IN - 1 pm - 3 pm - Attend in Person - Species List June 2 - 3 - Indiana Academy of Science Bioblitz - Eagle Creek, Indianapolis, IN - Attend in Person June 23 - Wild Mushroom Course - Indianapolis, IN - 9am - 5pm - More Information - Register July 29 - August 4 - Online Summer Foray - More Info - Order Field Data Slips - Species List August 25 - Shades State Park - 1 pm - 3 pm - Attend in Person - Species List August 26 - Turkey Run State Park - 11 am - 1 pm - Attend in Person - Species List September 15 - McCormicks Creek State Park - 1pm - More Information October 21 - 27 - Online Fall Foray - More Info - Order Field Data Slips - Join the Project Other Events of Interest: July 15 - 21 - Mycological Society of America Conference - San Juan, PR - More Info July 26 - 29 - NEMF Sam Ristich Foray - Geneseo, NY - More Info August 16 - 19 - Telluride Mushroom Festival - Telluride, CO - More Info September 15 - 18th Annual Gary Lincoff Forary - North Park, PA - More Info October 11 - 14 - NAMA Annual Foray - Salem, OR - More Info
  19. hoosiermushrooms

    Identification help

    Image test. Please try to upload again and let me know if it works for you.
  20. Where can I get a map?
  21. Brent Mundy

    Identification help

    Thanks for the tip! The descriptions I've read seem to match what I see in front of me.
  22. Dhuntington

    Identification help

    Looks like pheasent back also called dryads saddle
  23. Brent Mundy

    Identification help

    Uploads to the site don't seem to be working... here's a link to the pictures: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0m--9B_lsN-154OGOFH716a3A
  24. Brent Mundy

    Identification help

    I believe this is a polypore but have not been able to determine the exact species. Was found earlier today growing on a rotten pice of wood on the lower trunk of a tree.
  25. Hoosierfunguy

    Need help identifying the right trees.

    Here are two fairly good videos that might help
  26. If anybody can give me some easy tips on spotting the right trees to look around, I would REALLY appreciate it!
  27. dmitch24

    Beefsteak/ elephant ear

    Thanks Bruce. That makes sense on the boiling off it is true. It’s a generational ignorance passed down at least from my great grandpa. It wasn’t until doing research on other mushrooms besides morels that I had heard they were toxic.
  28. dmitch24

    Beefsteak/ elephant ear

    I would be happy to send you an entire mushroom. Just let me know what’s the best way to contact/ship
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