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  5. Hoosier Mushroom Society Globifomes graveolens - Sweet Knot - New Harmonie State Park - Uncommon to find it this fresh with red colorations As per the norm, most scheduled dates should still be considered "soft" and subject to change. It is very tough to schedule mushroom events far in advance. We always have a broad array of events and locations across the state every year, throughout the year. If you would like us to have an event near your town, let us know, and we may be able to schedule one in. The only way we cancel an event is for heavy rain and/or severe weather. Events will continue in light rain. Cancellations will be posted on this page, so please check it the day of the event, to make sure the event is still on. Never been to a foray? Check out our About Mushroom Forays page for what to bring and what to expect. Indiana Events: March 4 - Morel Mushroom Certification Course - Bloomington, IN - More Info - Register March 11 - Morel Mushroom Certification Course - Indianapolis, IN - More Info - Register March 25 - Morel Mushroom Certification Course - South Bend, IN - More Info - Register April 22 - Morel Mushroom Hike - Brown County SP - 10 am and 3 pm - Register 10am - Register 3pm April 29 - 30 - Mansfield Mushroom Festival - Mansfield, IN - More Info May 13 - Salamonie Reservoir - Andrews, IN - 1 pm - SPECIES LIST June 10 - 11 - Indiana Academy of Science Bioblitz - Delaware and Randolph Counties - SPECIES LIST June 17 - Eagle Creek Reservoir - Indianapolis, IN - 2pm - 4pm - SPECIES LIST June 24 - Wild Mushroom Course - Indianapolis, IN - 9am - 5pm - More Info - Register July 22 - Pokagon State Park - Angola, IN - SPECIES LIST August 5 - Brown County State Park - Nashville, IN - 10 am - SPECIES LIST August 5 - Griffy Woods - Bloomington, IN - 3 pm - SPECIES LIST August 5 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN - 6 pm - SPECIES LIST August 12 - DATE CHANGE: Wild Mushroom Course - Bloomington, IN - 9am - 5 pm - More Info - Register August 26 - Summer Mushroom Hunt - Shades State Park - SPECIES LIST August 27 - Summer Mushroom Hunt - Turkey Run State Park - SPECIES LIST POSTPONED - NOW September 23 - Oubache State Park - Bluffton, IN - Register October 14 - Tippecanoe River State Park - Winamac, IN - Register October 16th - Purdue Horticulture Park - 5:15 pm October 18th - Brown County State Park (meet at nature center)- 4 pm October 23rd - Eagle Creek Park (meet at Earth Discovery Center) - Indianapolis, IN - 5 pm October 22 - 28 - Inaugural HMS Online Fall Foray - More Info - Order Voucher Slips - Join the Project Other Events of Interest: July 27 - 30 - NEMF Samuel Ristich Foray - Strattonderry, VT - More Info August 17 - 21 - Telluride Mushroom Festival - Telluride, CO - More Info August XX - XX - NAMA Wildacres Regional Foray - Wildacres Retreat, NC - More Info September 16 - 17th Annual Gary Lincoff Foray - North Park, PA - More Info September XX- XX - COMA Clark Rogerson Foray - Copake, NY - More Info September 7 - 10 - NAMA Annual Foray - Cable, WI - More Info
  6. Memberships for 2018 are now active.
  7. Still waiting for the membership to be updated so I can join. Also waiting for the the mushroom course to be posted.
  8. We are hoping to extend the current registrations for 5 years total, but we are still awaiting a final word.
  9. Any word regarding those who have certifications that will expire soon, i.e., will they have to re-take a class or just pay a fee to be re-certified?
  10. If you took the Wild Mushroom Course in 2017, the new forms are finally publicly available from ISDH. If you were one of the participants, you should have received an email with additional information. Contact us if you have not received it. Also FYI, as we are getting a lot of questions, 2018 course dates have not been announced. We will be announcing them in a few weeks. The morel courses will be in March and wild mushrooms in June.
  11. We will likely be responding in a faster timeframe as the season picks up. Sorry for the slow responses. Please note that this organization has no paid staff, only volunteers.
  12. We will work to get the membership for 2018 updated in the store this week.
  13. The morel courses will be taught this spring and the wild mushroom courses will likely be in July. We just learned last week that the ISDH has finally approved the form for wild mushroom certifications, but they have not finalized the corresponding policy publicly. The form is available here:
  14. Hello, I've noticed that the last 3 topics in the Forum added in the last 2 weeks have been about members/nonmembers trying to get upcoming classes and membership information. Of these 3 topics added 126 people have viewed and the same advanced member has responded to those posts with the same answer and that is to keep checking the FB page and this Forum. My question is (rhetorical), does anyone at IHMS monitor this webpage outside of mushroom seasons and/or to occasionally posts info when they can get around to it? Not to sound harsh or abrasive - it seems in the interest of IHMS that someone would be more responsive in providing information to its members in a timely manner especially regarding membership, class scheduling and events as we all have upcoming schedules, plans, and competing priorities to keep and the more in advance we know about these events and classes the better prepared we can be. I'm only posting this complaint due to my own history with IMHS in a lack of responses over the last few years on at least 8 occasions via phone calls, emails, and FB posted questions......quite frustrating at this point as it seems to be the culture of IHMS to be slow to respond. Sorry to be the one to throw cold water on a good program......just trying to make it an even better program!
  15. Hey there Robert - nice pic, Is that a T-11 Canopy in your profile pic? Paratrooper? Was just on here browsing around to see if they've posted any new information. Seems like the head-shed is on vacation and all of the lights are turned off for operations at the moment. Hopefully we'll get some updates regarding classes and certifications soon. Nothing new posted on FB since mid December....I don't know about you but I get annoyed at having to check multiple sites to make sure I'm not missing one point there were 3 websites you had to check for any info.
  16. Any update as to when the membership for 2018 will be available? What about the mushroom classes.
  17. Your welcome sorry i couldnt help more.
  18. Thank you for the response. I'll keep checking. I hesitated to post this on here but, I have contacted the HMS several times in the past for different things and never received a response at any time. I know they're extremely busy people and it doesn't help that I am not a FB user (by choice). I do occasionally get on there and peruse any info I can find. I'll just keep my eyes and ears opened. Thanks again.
  19. I dont think they have any dates set. You could check their facebook page and see if there is anything listed
  20. Anyone have any info on this?
  21. Hello, I am just trying to find out what the requirements will be to re-certify for those of us who were in the first Morel Certification classes a few years back? Our certificates will expire in the Spring. Do we have to take the class again? If so, is it at a reduced cost and will you be offering additional classes up North to fit all of the Re-certs in? Thank you for any information.
  22. They should be, been a yearly thing now for a couple years. Check back in a bit and check to see if they have updated the sight or check on their facebook page.
  23. Will the wild mushroom course be taught again this year? What does a person giving a reference need?
  24. Not sure when they will update, hopfully soon. There is also a facebook site, if you can you might want to check that.
  25. When will the site be updated so you can join as a 2018 member?
  26. The slice is dried and bagged and ready to send to you as soon as I have your mailing address.
  27. It sounds like you're on the right identification track. I can't help any more however. Thanks for sharing this find, it gives me hope. I saw 5 nice giant puffballs a couple of days ago together. Could have weighed 13-15 pounds all totaled maybe a week or so earlier.
  28. I was out hiking this afternoon, looking for mushrooms, not really expecting to find any. I encountered several that appeared to be Pepper Milkcaps, but generally passed them by. Eventually -- mostly out of boredom -- I picked one, turned it over, and broke the flesh. I was surprised to find there was no latex, and the (thick) flesh was cheeselike and brittle, more like a Russula. The smell was not distinctive. I was in a hurry to get home and didn't take a photo or evaluate it further. Looking in my references later, they suggest this could be Russula brevipes. Rumor has it that it's edible, but that doesn't mean it's good. I'd appreciate thoughts on 1) whether this ID has any chance of being correct and 2) for future reference, whether this mushroom really has any culinary potential. Another mushroom I encountered today was on my property, back near my observatory, where I've been getting puffballs for the past month. This one was small, gilled, terrestrial, not near any trees; likely a grass saprobe. On first glance I thought it could be a Meadow Mushroom, but the gills were white, not pink or brown, and if I recall correctly were attached to the stalk. Also, the base of the stalk was distinctly bulbous. There was a partial veil, but no volva, and the odor was not distinctive. In hindsight I should have crushed the base of the stem to see if it turned yellow. Again, I have no photos...sorry. Any thoughts on what this might be would also be appreciated, with the understanding that I'm not giving you much to go on. Thanks!
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