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  2. Unfortunatly it seams to be on online club. I joined hopeing to met some people to learn more and share what i know and i have meet a few and have recived some good help in identification from the admins. They do have some forrays but not many and i am still hoping to find more like minded people to meet up with to see what i can learn and what i can pass on. I live just over the boarder in edgar county illinois and there is only one club in this state and it focuses on the chicago area.
  3. Does this web site represent an actual club (like this one: I enjoy the forums but would like to meet people for forays, too. Thanks.
  4. What's your health worth to you? Better safe than sorry, I say.
  5. I have not inoculated wood myself (yet), but rumor has it that oysters will grow aggressively. Bore holes 1" deep and 5/16" in diameter every 6" in willow, poplar or cottonwood, poke a small plug of oyster fruiting body in each hole, cover with beeswax, and keep it wet. Be advised that the type of wood matters -- building lumber is mostly spruce or pine and most Indiana species will NOT colonize it (perhaps a good thing). Let me know if you meet with success!
  6. For future reference, here is a photo of brown wood ear. These are particularly small examples; as they get bigger, they lighten in color and develop a "frosted" appearance on one side. Often you will find large and small fruits on the same piece of wood. These particular wood ears were found on May 1 and made a nice oriental soup.
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  8. May be Xeromphalina tenuipes. Need to see the underside and stem.
  9. I have been finding oysters as well and dryads saddle ( pheseant back ).
  10. Crown-tipped Coral, and ramps
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    I'm sorry to have to change my RSVP at the last minute but I ended up having to work today Enjoy! Post afterward about how it went !
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    Thanks for posting here Chris. I posted the coordinates to the Facebook event, but not here.
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    Yes, anyone can come, but we request that you consider becoming a member.
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    As far as I know it would be ok. However the cost to be a member is very reasonable. Here's a GPS link to the trail head. If I do it right.
  15. Magic truffles/shrooms can now be used for cancer patients to help them relax and less distressed about their disease? I have read some articles that psilocybin which is a major component of magic truffles can help ease anxiety and depression. So what is magic truffles anyway? Is it legal? Well the drug is clearly not for everyone, but further studies are on-going for it's medical purpose. I would really want to hear your stand regarding magic truffles. Thanks
  16. Some of the oysters I've found on my property. They were hiding under bark of a deadish Poplar.
  17. Is it late for morrells or might there still be some in central IN?
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    So is this for anyone to really come? I want to study mushrooms as a hubby and I thought this would be a good start. 🤔
  19. Wood Ears are really common right now with all of the rain.
  20. Hello everyone I'm new to this site and wanted to see if anyone have been finding any good edible mushrooms besides Morels? I've been finding a lot of Oysters and a daily basis. Happy hunting!
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    Date: June 10th and 11th, 2017 Location: White River Woods in Delaware County and McVey Memorial Forest in Randolph County. The two sites are approximately 15 miles apart. The two sites are owned or managed by the Red-Tail Land Conservancy, Muncie, IN. RTC BioBlitz 2017 first announcement.pdf Facebook Event
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    Our weekly Monday walk near West Lafayette. Meeting at Ross Hills park. Follow the Google link for GPS coordinates. Please contact by email, phone, or Facebook if you plan on attending.
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    Lets meet at the trailhead for the 3 Falls Trail near the primitive campground.
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    Anyone have an update on the proper time and place to meet up??
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