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    University of Michigan


    Univeristy of Michigan Fungus Collection Database Online

    Genus Date Location Collector
    Amanita thiersii 10-Sep-07  Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Boletus bicolor 30-Aug-60  Starke R.L. Shaffer
    Boletus mariae 30-Aug-60 Starke R. L. Shaffer
    Boletus sensibilis 20-Aug-81 Monroe R.E. Halling
    Boletus truncatus 16-Aug-81 Brown W. Cibula
    Clavariadelphus pistillaris 27-Sep-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Claviceps purpurea Jul-18 Tippecanoe E.B. Mains
    Clitocybe aeruginosa 26-Aug-61  Warren W.B. Cooke & V.G. Cooke
    Clitocybe aeruginosa 25-Aug-61 Montgomery W.B. Cooke & V.G. Cooke
    Clitocybe elephantina 27-Jun-15 LaPorte L.B. Clare
    Clitocybe odora 23-Aug-70 Monroe R. L. Shaffer
    Clitocybe tabescens 23-Aug-70 Monroe R. L. Shaffer
    Clitocybe tabescens Sep-64 LaPorte H. Salitros
    Coprinus lagopus 6-May-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner 18
    Cordyceps capitata 10-Nov-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Cordyceps ophioglossoides 12-Jul-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Cortinarius corrugatus 4-Sep-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Craterellus cornucopioides 10-Jun-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Entoloma strictius 3-Oct-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Galerina marginata 2-Nov-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Gerronema strombodes 12-Aug-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Gyromitra caroliniana May-61 Renssalaer U.J. Siequest
    Gyromitra caroliniana 16-May-74 Steuben W. Dirrim
    Gyromitra caroliniana 25-Apr-54 Tippecanoe R. Benz
    Gyroporus castaneus  22-Aug-70  Owen R.L. Shaffer
    Helvella acetabulum 26-May-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Hygrocybe psittacina 22-May-08 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Hygrophorus pratensis  1-Oct-50 Marion J.O. Cottingham
    Hypholoma echiniceps Sep-1904 Montgomery D. Reddick
    Lactarius deceptivus 22-Aug-70 Owen R. L. Shaffer
    Lactarius hygrophoroides 22-Aug-70 Owen R. L. Shaffer
    Lactarius indigo var. indigo 23-Aug-70 Monroe R. L. Shaffer
    Lactarius piperatus 25-Aug-61 Montgomery W.B. Cooke
    Lactarius piperatus 22-Aug-70 Owen R. L. Shaffer
    Lactarius piperatus 25-Aug-61 Montgomery W.B. Cooke
    Lactarius volemus var. volemus 22-Aug-70 Owen R.L. Shaffer
    Lentinellus cochleatus 27-Aug-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Lenzites betulina 21-Oct-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Lepiota castanea 15-Aug-81 Owen N.S. Weber
    Lepiota cristata 16-Aug-81 Owen N.S. Weber
    Lycoperdon echinatum 26-Aug-61 Warren W.B. Cooke & V.G. Cooke
    Marasmius armeniacus 23-Aug-70 Monroe M.S. Gilliam
    Mycena galericulata 2-Dec-22 Montgomery A.R. Bechtel
    Mycena haematopus 22-Aug-70 Owen R.L. Shaffer
    Mycena leaiana 23-Aug-70 Monroe R. L. Shaffer
    Omphalina epichysium 3-Jun-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner 19
    Panellus serotinus 19-Dec-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Peziza repanda 3-May-08 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Phylloporus rhodoxanthus 22-Aug-70 Owen R. L. Shaffer
    Phylloporus rhodoxanthus 25-Aug-61 Montgomery W.B. Cooke
    Pisolithus tinctorius 9-Aug-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Pluteus fulvibadius 15-Aug-81 Owen N.S. Weber
    Pluteus longistriatus 10-Jun-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Pluteus petasatus 3-Jun-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Pycnoporus cinnabarinus  5-Mar-08  Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Rhizopogon rubescens 10-Nov-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Rhodotus palmatus  5-Jul-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Russula brevipes Oct-47 Marshall  Sister Aloysia
    Russula pectinatoides  22-Aug-70 Owen R. L. Shaffer
    Spongipellis pachyodon 6-Sep-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Strobilomyces floccopus 23-Aug-70 Owen R. L. Shaffer
    Stropharia rugosoannulata 6-May-07 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Trichaptum biforme 6-Apr-08 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Volvariella bombycina 4-Sep-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner
    Xeromphalina kauffmanii 22-Aug-70  Owen R.L. Shaffer
    Xylaria tentaculata 9-Sep-06 Monroe R.S. Kerner 

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